Obscure Audio was founded by Panagiotis Bakas, a high end audio video enthusiast in 2003, when he identified the needs in the field of High End audio/video, for a different, fresh, new approach using cutting edge, state of the art technology.

Obscure Audio composes High-End and other hi-fi systems using the best partners in the industry. Brands such as Wadax, Kronos, Gobel High End, True Life Audio, , Cessaro, APL Hi-Fi, Argento , HRS, Artnovion, Melco, Avalon, Jeff Rowland, , Trannsparent, have the ability to provide you the most reliable set-up both in quality and aural design.


Change your perspective of entertainment in a higher level, creating a personal Audio System or Home-theater that sounds even better than a concert hall. Our expertise, long experience and quality, transforms music playing in real art and your space into a heaven of high aesthetics.


Obscure Audio invites you to feel the privilege of a superior sound that will leave you speechless. That will give meaning and content to even the most simple song or transform leaner films in a unique experience.